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Cima d’Asta, Italy 2011

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Castle in the Sky

Miramare, Trieste 2009

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Postcards from Porto

Porto, Portugal 2005

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Isolation in Iceland Photographs and text by Jan Brykczynski

Arnes is an isolated region in Western Fiords in Iceland where I spent an autumn month in 2010. This work was a continuation of my previous 3-year project on a little village in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. In both cases I was fascinated with rural life, its connection and proximity to the nature. I wanted to examine this intimate and very archetypical relation. I was also interested in portraying a specificity of life in such small isolated community.

It is very appropriate that Iceland is shaped like a sheep, lying stoically in the field, minding her own business, because it has been remarked on numerous occasions that the Icelandic sheep has kept the nation alive throughout the centuries. It is especially fitting that this short-footed animal is to thank for Icelanders surviving hardship, cold, hunger and misery because Icelandic mentality is not that different from that of a sheep. While the Icelandic sheep can endure freezing temperatures and long standing hunger, their owners do the same.

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Life in Palestine, 2014 

Beautiful Scenes of Everyday Life in Palestine Go Far Beyond the Conflict

Pictures of the smuggling tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt often feature weapons or black market commerce, but Tanya Habjouqa shows us a woman using the tunnels to reach a wedding in Egypt. Instead of the long lines or violent clashes so often seen at the Qalandia checkpoint that separates East Jerusalem and Ramallah, Habjouqa catches a young man casually smoking a cigarette while a sheep looks on from the passenger seat.

The often lighthearted and sometimes bizarre shots filling Habjouqa’s series Occupied Pleasures are meant to help viewers re-see and reconsider a place too often reduced to conflict-fatigue. Habjouqa wants to show us that, even in the face of hardship, most people in Palestine are still trying to enjoy their lives.

“While extremely necessary, we have an overabundance of typical documentary photos from both sides,” says Habjouqa, who lives in East Jerusalem. “I think many viewers have become numb and cynical. I wanted to find a way to push them out of this cynicism.”

Habjouqa says the idea for the project came during a trip to Gaza. There she met a man who recently sneaked his bride in through one of the tunnels. Both Israel and Egypt had denied her regular access, so the couple did what it could. When the bride arrived, her hair was full of dirt, but he didn’t care. He was in love, and elated that she’d made it.

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London, UK 2009

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The end of the world

A Coruña, Spain 2014

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Espoo, Helsinki 2013

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Coast to Coast

Basilicata, Italy 2012

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Tallinn, Estonia 2013

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Cairo, Egypt 2004

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Helsinki, Finland 2013

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So Nice

Nice, France 2012

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Street Nightart

Stunden Neukölln, Berlin 2011

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Veneto, Italy 2012